By: Michael Neil Morris
Edited by: Romane Orlando Robb

of the greatest games of all time, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a
third-person perspective game that to me has everything to be considered one of
the greatest games of all time. It takes place in an open world environment
that allows the player to walk about freely between missions to indulge in
other activities like gang wars to personal fitness and diet.

The classic game starts with the main character Carl
“CJ” Johnson, returning to Los Santos (California) from Liberty City
(New York) when he receives a call from his brother Sean “Sweet”
Johnson of their mother’s murder. A lot of the main story is based on a couple
of real-life events in Los Angeles, like gang rivalry between the Bloods and
Crips street gangs. Also, the game touches on the 1980’s crack epidemic and the
scandal with the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).

Not only does GTA: SA has an amazing storyline that takes us
on a journey through the west, it also pays attention to a lot of the small
things. The attention to detail of life to me is what truly makes this game
extraordinary. For example, CJ comes back to Los Santos a skinny guy with a
dark Cesar wearing a white t-shirt paired with blue jeans and sneakers, but
based on each players own style, he/she can customize CJ’s look from head to
toe. This includes tattoos to entire outfits. You can also customize his
physical appearance like his weight or muscle mass (fat, slim, brolic).

Other things include eating, which is a must. You can also
receive a pilot’s license to enter airports and fly planes. This game also has
a number of mini games that can be found all over, one being in the Johnson
So in conclusion, I’d give GTA: SA, a 5/5 for being an all-around great game.

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