Back in 2011 Nintendo gave E3 attendees a special surprise in the
form of a live concert built around The Legend of Zelda. Soon after,
Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses took flight around the country,
making stops at many cities to perform in front of eager and
enthusiastic fans. Like Video Games Live, Zelda: Symphony of the
is a concert where a full orchestra plays music from video games in sync with gameplay video which is displayed on a large
monitor. In Zelda’s case the gameplay comes from a variety of Zelda

More recently, GameFreak and Nintendo have included Pokemon in
this new form of symphonic pleasure. Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions
covers music from the Red and Blue days to the present. Among the
many stops in this tour include Madison Square Garden in New York.

Fun bit of trivia. This isn’t the first time Pokemon has appeared
before a live audience in New York, or across the country. Back in
2000 there was a traveling stage show, Pokemon Live!, which stopped
in New York (among other cities).

Unlike Pokemon Live!, Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions looks to be a
good time for Poke’ fans new and old. Be sure to check Nintendo’s site for times and locations. As for tickets, you can hit upTicketMaster.

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