When it comes to conventions fans of all types love to gather and celebrate all things geeky. Whether comics, movies, video-games, what’s better than hanging out with like minded individuals and having fun with others revolving around the things you love.

One big attraction for convention goers has always been cosplayers. They go above and beyond the call of duty in sharing their love for all things fiction. Cosplaying has also allowed fans of well known status to sneak into cons undetected. Big name stars who’d usually get swarmed at the entrance can easily walk convention show floors dressed as popular characters without drawing unneeded attention. Well, except for the occasional snap shot request and high five for a great costume.

Some stars even make a game of it. Adam Savage, of Mythbuster’s fame, leaves clues online as to what he is dressed as. Leaving it to the fans to find him on the show floor.

Recently, as reported by The Daily Dot, at the Star Wars Celebration The Ultimate Fan Experience, John Boyega, star of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, walked the show floor dressed as a Clone Trooper.

It’s always fun to see those involved with the series we love having as much fun as us fans.

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