us a summary of who you are.
CHINA JONES: I am the father of
two and I was born in Columbus, Ohio. I was raised by my mother and moved
around the country from the east to the west coast and back. Yet I consider
Washington D.C. & Maryland my home. I attended fifteen different schools by
the time I graduated high school and was exposed to a lot of different cultures
and lifestyles which helped to add to my knowledge and experiences that I pour
into each story I write.
I started writing screenplays in
1995 and made the natural progression into directing over the past several
years. I graduated from New York Film Academy (NYFA) in 2009 and in
more recent years have been editing and producing my own work.
I am currently the co-creator of a new
series for Robb Entertainment, Henry LLP, and also the owner of Velvet Monk
Productions LLC based out of Columbus Ohio.

HOLLYBUZZ: Tell us a little bit about your short film, “Unpaid Debts”?
CHINA JONES: Unpaid Debts recounts the ruthless
exploits of Greg Perkins, a young man trying to satisfy a debt owed to the
Devil himself after striking a deal to avenge the murder of his mother.
The film uses a very dark supernatural tone with a realistic
approach to address decisions made in the moments of grief or high stress that
lead to severe consequences, not only for the protagonist but for those closest
to him as well. The question I wanted to ask the audience is “If you were at
that crossroads, would you recognize the wrong path?”
The production itself was shot on a zero budget with the
help of enthusiastic filmmakers, both experienced and new to film as well as
local business owners wanting to help complete the project. The finished film
was premiered at a local theater.

is your creative process like as a filmmaker?
CHINA JONES: For myself I am a writer first and
foremost, so it always comes down to a solid story. Without an interesting,
engaging, and well thought out story you have no film. Once the story is laid
out I would then move on to a well-crafted script. Write, rewrite, revise, then
second draft and repeat the process until I love the script. Not like, love the
The speed of this process depends on my deadline; my
personal projects take much longer than those projects I’m contracted for. Once
the script is complete and I’ve moved into production, the pace quickens
dramatically. Build the crew, cast and start shooting, with no down time once
production starts. Why wait – let’s get it out there.

are you currently working on?
CHINA JONES: I am preparing to dive into writing
Season #2 of the current series HENRY LLP for Robb Entertainment, and I am completing
an Indie feature script that I plan to move into production on by the end of
November 2016. I am also in the story phase of a television/web series that I
plan to begin production on by the middle of March 2017.

can our readers keep up with you?
CHINA JONES: I can be found on IMDB under China Jones,
as well as the websites below:

            My personal
e-mail is china_26@yahoo.com.

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